UAE: 3 Sisters

Asma Khalifa al-Suwaidi, Mariam Khalifa al-Suwaidi and Alyaziyah Khalifa al-Suwaidi, 3 women who have spoke out on social media regarding their brother’s unfair trial have disappeared in the UAE.

Shortly after peacefully voicing their concern for their brother by stating “i miss my brother” the 3 women were summoned by police and have vanished. With no access to a lawyer or to any  family members, these women have been detained in a secret facility for 2 weeks.

Dr. Issa al-Suwaidi, the brother of the three women, is 1 of 69 activist who were convicted of an attempt to overthrow the government in 2013, they were held in a secret detention center prior to trial. Dr. Issa al-Suwaidi was seeking reform for arbitrary arrest against bloggers and activists peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Critics of the UAE government are often locked up without trial and taken to secret facilities where they are held for long periods of time and tortured. They have, in the past,  barred international media and others wanting to observe trial proceedings.

Under international law indefinite detention without charge or trial of anyone anywhere is a violation. Asma Khalifa al-Suwaidi, Mariam Khalifa al-Suwaidi and Alyaziyah Khalifa al-Suwaidi should immediately and unconditionally be released saying  “I miss my brother” is not a crime, it is a normal emotional response for family members unjustly separated from their loved ones and should most definitely not be treated as a crime.


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