Ten year old Nepalese boy horrifically murdered as a human sacrifice

The body of a 10 year old boy whose head was nearly severed from his body was found on July 24 in the Kudiya village of southwest Nepal, after being reported missing for three days.


Police say a Nepalese man, Kodai Harijan, confessed to the murder of the young boy after being advised by a local holy man to use the child as a human sacrifice to cure his ailing son.


Harijan and his family are said to have abducted the little boy by luring him away and giving him a pack of biscuits along with promising him 50 rupees.Then he was taken to  a temple outside of the village, where they then performed the “religious ritual.” The young boy was then taken to a nearby field where he was held down and his throat was slit.


Eleven people in total, including the holy man, have been arrested for their involvement. At least five of those people have already made confessed.


The Nawalparasi district bordering India houses the country’s poorest and uneducated people. These individuals are often labeled as the countries “untouchables.” People who live in these remote areas often practice superstitious beliefs involving primarily animal sacrifice. Authorities say they have never seen this kind of human sacrifice.
Official say that police are still investigating the case and that the suspects would be examined to determine whether all parties involved are mentally fit. Hari Prasad Mainai, Nawalparasi’s chief district officer added “From the government level, we are going to launch an awareness program against these superstitions in the villages of Nawalparasi district.”


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