A woman from the US state of Ohio forced a boy to eat liquid soap, taped his mouth shut and burned his hands

A woman from the US state of Ohio is facing a number of charges after police were called out to her home and found a boy under the age of ten years being forced to eat liquid dish soap and have his mouth bound with packing tape.


32 year old, Amy Oliver, was arrested last Friday after law enforcement received an anonymous tip from a child abuse hotline.


Investigators reported the boy’s whole head had been taped up and he was sweating profusely when law enforcement arrived. They added, “The child had a sticky substance all over his face. he also had several burns all over his hands and fingers.”


The child reported to investigators that the woman forced him to submerge his hands into a chemical like bleach substance resulting in significant burns.


The boy was transported to Rhea Medical Center, where he was examined and later released. He along with two other children were placed in the temporary custody of a family member.


Police reported finding drug paraphernalia inside the home and also arrested two other adult females present inside of the residence.


Oliver was charged with misdemeanor possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, aggravated assault, aggravated child abuse and neglect and aggravated reckless endangerment.


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