Azerbaijani journalist, Rasim Aliyev dies from injuries due to a horrific beating

Azerbaijani journalist, Rasim Aliyev, who was attacked and beaten by supporters of a local soccer player has died of his injuries.


On August 9, Aliyev died in a Baku hospital just days after being horrifically beaten.


Aliyev, on his Facebook page, posted critical remarks about soccer player Javid Huseynov which many believe his beating was in retaliation for those posts.


Aliyev was contacted by telephone from a person claiming to be a relative of Huseynov who began verbally attacking him on the phone. After the dialog became calm between the two men they agreed to meet for tea. When Aliyev arrived at the scene 5 or 6 men were waiting for him and viciously attacked and brutally beat him.


Aliyev underwent emergency surgery and later died in the intensive care unit as his condition worsened.


The international Sport For Rights movement released a statement condemning the attack and  asking authorities “to conduct a full and transparent investigation” into Aliyev’s killing.


Aliyev was part of Azerbaijan’s leading media freedom organization, the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety.


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