280 children are the victims of child sexual abuse in Pakistan

An estimated 280 children from three villages in eastern Punjab Province all under the age of fourteen were said to have been subjected to sexual abuse by a gang of 25 men, who recorded the acts to extort money from the children and their family members.


A local gang began filming the sexual abuse videos with the children in 2006, which is said to have continued until last year. The victims were forced to have sex, and the videos were then circulated for 50 Rupees or 40 US cents.


According to reports the children were drugged and intoxicated, some victims as young as six years of age. Many of the videos have ended up being sold to buyers and pornographic websites overseas, some claim in both Europe and the US.


Twelve of the accused have been arrested.The suspects who were arrested are sixteen to twenty five years of age. However,  Punjab’s interior minister, Rana Sanaullah, denied the cases of abuse, saying the reports surfaced because villagers were fighting over land.


Police also attempted to deny to amount of children which were subjected to the horrific abuse, but on Monday parliament’s upper house, passed a unanimous resolution condemning the abuse and demanding exemplary punishment for all the offenders.


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