China blacklists 120 songs they claim promotes obscenity or violence

On Monday, China launched a blacklist of songs that it says promotes obscenity or violence and ordered them removed from all websites.

The order came from the Ministry of Culture which accompanied the list of 120 songs that “trumpeted obscenity, violence, crime or harmed social morality,” according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

The order added, that any unit or individual that does not take down the songs will face a form of “severe punishment”.

The list included songs by well known artists Taiwanese pop singer Chang Csun Yuk and Taiwanese actor Stanley Huang with lyrics that include the word “fart” or reference female clothing being  removed inside a doctors office.

The Xinhua News Agency said the list will be updated regularly and that everyone must comply with the cultural management regulations.

The Chinese government regularly controls materials it deems a disruption of social stability.


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