Sixty five year old Moroccan man received only an eight month prison sentence for child sexual abuse

After a ten year old girl was repeatedly sexually abused by a sixty five year old shop owner in the region of Taroudant of Morocco, the man received an eight month prison sentence for child abuse and sexual harassment.

The suspect who was arrested last week when the mother of the young girl reported him to authorities and filed a lawsuit against him, admitted to abusing the girl in his shop and taking naked photos of her. He threatened the girl by telling her that he would post the photos onto social media if she told her parents about the abuse.

Under Moroccan law, soliciting minors and sexual abuse of children is punishable by up to 30 years in jail. Child right’s activist along with many local NGO’s expressed grave concern at such a light ruling and the message Moroccan authorities are sending in the fight against pedophilia and sex abuse.

To date, statistics for the number of children that are victims of sexual abuse yearly in Morocco are very hard to come by, as child sexual abuse is usually a hidden offense.


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