Birmingham Alabama police officer brutally pistol whipped with his own gun while spectators just watched and took pictures

Last Friday, a Birmingham Alabama police officer was assaulted in east side of the city while pulling over thirty four year old Janard Shamar Cunningham for questioning.

The officer who is a veteran of the force and a robbery detective stopped the SUV Cunningham was driving at approximately 11:00 am. The officer told Cunningham to remain seated in his vehicle while he waited for backup. Cunningham got out of his vehicle and began questioning the officer wanting  to know the reason why he was pulled over. The two men got into a physical struggle and Cunningham pistol whipped the officer until he was unconscious.

While the officer laid motionless on the ground spectators began to take photographs rather than help the man who was bleeding and unconscious. Many of those photos taken by witnesses went viral on numerous social media sites with words supporting the horrific behavior of his attackers.

The officer later reported that he hesitated to use force because he did not want to be accused of needlessly killing an unarmed man. He added “I hesitated because I didn’t want to be in the media like I am right now.”

Janard Shamar Cunningham was arrested and charged with attempted murder. A second man was taken into custody for the attack but he was not charged and later released.


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