In the US state of Texas two men have been charged with the torture and rape of gay man

Two Texas men, thirty two year old Jimmy Garza Jr and twenty two year old Ramiro Serrata Jr, were charged on Monday with Federal hate crime indictments for the beating and torturing of an African American gay man back in 2012.

Garza and Serrata invited the victim to an apartment before brutally assaulting the man while yelling racist and homophobic hate speech.

Over a three hour period, Garza and Serrata punched and kicked the victim,assaulting him with various household objects before sodomizing him with a broom. Bleach was poured into the eyes of the victim and he was also pistol whipped with a handgun.

The victim who began to bleed, was then forced to strip naked and clean his own blood from numerous areas of the apartment using his clothing. He was then sodomized with a broom and other objects.

The victim eventually escaped the horrific attack by by jumping out of a second floor window of the apartment.

Both Garza and Serrata remain in custody charged with conspiracy to commit hate crimes, a hate crime violation based on race and color, a hate crime violation based on sexual orientation and using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

If they are convicted, they could face life in prison.


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