Manuela Picq will not be deported from Ecuador

On Monday, a judge in Ecuador refused to deport a Franco-Brazilian journalist who was covering protests against President Rafael Correa’s government.

Thirty eight year old Manuela Picq was detained with numerous others in the demonstrations on Thursday that turned violent.

Picq was arrested in Quito while standing next to Carlos Perez, a lawyer who had organized indigenous groups to protest against Correa’s government. An estimated 47 demonstrators were arrested.

Indigenous protesters, who have remain vocal critics of Correa, blocked roads in six of Ecuador’s 24 provinces Thursday, including the Pan-American Highway to Peru. Demonstrators protested against a constitutional amendment that would allow Correa to seek a fourth term.

Police and military forces cracked down hard on the protests in Quito and throughout the country. Tear gas was fired at protesters in multiple cities, and fights between police and protesters broke out in Quito.

Protesters said they are prepared to protest the next fifteen days until they get answers.


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