The Islamic State group beheads Palmyra’s elderly archaeologist Kalid alAsa’ad

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Islamic State group publicly executed an antiquities expert Tuesday in Palmyra, Syria.

Kalid alAsa’ad, known as Palmyra’s elderly archaeologist, was a university professor and the former general manager for antiquities and museums in Palmyra. He was reportedly beheaded in the city’s public square with a crowd of spectators.

The Islamic State group seized the city in May destroying many works of art held inside the city that is known as the “bride of the desert.”

Over 400 mainly women and children were killed by the terrorist group in Palmyra in late May. In early July,the Islamic State group released a horrific video showing twenty five Syrian government soldiers being killed by children in the ancient amphitheater in the city of Palmyra.


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