Nearly four hundred children have been killed in the Yemen conflict

An alarming 398 children have been killed and over 600 others injured since the end of March, averaging eight children are being killed or maimed every day in Yemen.

According to UNICEF, roughly 377 children have been recruited into armed conflict, a conflict which has killed more than 4300 people many of which are civilians.

More than 1.3 million people have been forced to leave their homes being left displaced and roughly 10 million children are in dire need of humanitarian aid. UNICEF reports that 80% of Yemen’s population are children under the age of eighteen and they are horrifically bearing the brunt end of a brutal armed conflict that shows no sign of a resolution.

The United Nations and humanitarian aid groups have repeatedly called for ways to get supplies into Yemen, like food, medicine and fuel but Saudi Arabia has maintained tight restrictions on anything getting in or out of the country.

Yemen remains the poorest country in the Arab world, leaving nearly 2 million children to likely to suffer from malnutrition this year in comparison to last year which was roughly 1 million children.

Nine hundred health facilities have shut down since March but those that remain open suffer extreme shortages of medicine and medical supplies,the United Nations reports that the health system in Yemen is “crumbling.” More than half a million pregnant women in Yemen are at higher risk for birth or pregnancy complications because they have no access to health care facilities.

While Saudi Arabia pledged $274 million in emergency funds, UNICEF has not received any of the promised funds.


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