Thousands of protesters in the Lebanese capital, Beirut were met with water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas

Water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas were deployed by police in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Saturday to disperse thousands of protesters who had poured into Downtown Beirut.

Thousands gathered to demand the government resign over the trash crisis which has left numerous protesters wounded.

Riot police could be seen beating protesters with batons in the back and gunfire could be heard through the streets. Emergency personnel could be seen carrying away injured and bloody protesters after police fired several rounds of tear gas at a crowds.

On Sunday, protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Tammam Saeb Salam. Earlier in the day Salam called on activists and organizations to meet with him and vowed to hold officers accountable for the excessive use of force against protesters.

Protesters also demanded the resignation of  Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk, demanding immediate parliamentary elections.

Protesters say that they refuse to discuss any issue with Salam before he resigns and have called on all Lebanese people to continue to demonstrate.


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