In the US state of Texas a five year old boy with Autism found in a hot car dies

Five year old, Zachary Elshaarawy, died after being found in a hot car in Burleson, Texas, on Sunday afternoon. Elshaarawy, who has Autism, wandered out of the family’s home and into an unlocked vehicle.


Elshaarawy was transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas in critical condition, later dying in the hospital’s emergency room.


Police said Elshaarawy was missing for fifteen minutes when a woman reported to be his grandmother alerted authorities after checking for him inside of the house. Police then searched the home and the nearby areas. Law enforcement found the boy in the back seat of a car, at which point, he was rushed to the hospital.


A study released by San Jose State University indicated that there have been fourteen deaths of children inside hot vehicles this year in the United States compared to thirty one child deaths in all of 2014.


Ninety five children have died inside hot vehicles in Texas between 1998 and 2014. Texas ranked the worst in the San Jose State University study.


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