Twenty eight year old Palestinian man sentenced to death by a Hamas military court

A twenty eight year old Palestinian man, identified only as N.A was sentenced to death on Monday by a Hamas military court in the Gaza Strip.

Representatives of the court alleged the man provided information to Israel that is said to have led to Palestinians being killed.

Hamas,who no longer recognizes the legitimacy of the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, has carried out public executions without presidential approval, including an estimated thirty executions in the Gaza Strip.

The most prominent and horrific incidents happened during last summer’s war, six men were publicly executed by Hamas outside the al-Omari mosque in August in front of hundreds of spectators, including children.

In addition to the summer’s unlawful killings, people were abducted by Hamas and subjected to torture, including brutal and severe beatings with truncheons, guns, hoses and wire. Some were interrogated and tortured in an outpatient clinic located on the grounds of Gaza City’s main al-Shifa hospital. At least three people arrested were documented to have died in custody.


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