Two hundred and eleven executed in Pakistan a man bound to a wheelchair could be next

On Tuesday, Pakistan executed its two hundred and eleventh person since ending a six year moratorium in December.


While executions were initially reinstated only for those convicted of terrorism offenses, in March they were extended to all capital offenses.


Pakistan currently has an estimated eight thousand people languishing away on death row, including forty four year old Abdul Basit, who is bound to a wheelchair.


Basit’s execution would be the first time a disabled prisoner is executed raising serious questions regarding cruel and unusual punishment.


Advocates are set to argue in court Tuesday that the execution of Basit would violate the country’s standards for executions. Basit was a perfectly fit individual when he went to prison in 2008, but in 2010 he became very sick, resulting in him becoming a paraplegic.


Pakistani officials nor the prison ever provided Basit with sufficient health care. It was over a month before he was diagnosed with tuberculous meningitis, by then he was in a coma. His horrific ordeal, which nearly took his life, left him permanently in a wheelchair with a damaged spinal cord.


Basit maintains his innocence.


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