Twelve Laotian men rescued from captivity and forced labor at a pig farm in Thailand

Twelve Laotian men have been rescued from captivity and forced labor at a pig farm west of Thailand’s capital, after two men escaped the slave camp on Saturday in search of help.


Chaiyadet Sonut, a manager of a Krung Thai Bank branch in Nakhon Pathom and owner of the farm, was arrested and charged with human trafficking, physical assault, harboring aliens and illegal detention.


The workers say they were tricked by a broker or recruiter who offered to smuggle them from Laos with the promise of good paying jobs, but workers were kept in deplorable conditions, locked inside a row of prison like cells, forced to work long hours, beaten by staff and never paid.


Provincial police commander Major Geneneral Poj Boonmapak said  that he has ordered all police stations in Nakhon Pathom to inspect every farm and factory to make sure no other slave labor is being used.


Five police men from the Sam Khwai Puek Police Station to inactive posts at the national police headquarters in Bangkok for ignoring human trafficking and slave labor in their jurisdiction. According to Boonmapak there is an ongoing investigation into whether the five police officers committed any wrongdoing.


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