Several Goroka University students injured during protests in Papua New Guinea

Several Goroka University students remain in the hospital with gunshot wounds after protests yesterday outside of the University. Students have been demanding the resignation of the vice chancellor by staging sit ins on the campus for nearly three weeks.

On Thursday, student took to the streets in Goroka, Papua New Guinea where witnesses say police shot live rounds into the crowds to disperse the students.

One student released from the hospital reported an injury due to a rubber bullet wound.

Police in Papua New Guinea say they did not fire their guns into the crowd of protesters but only fired them in the air adding, “You only have a handful of policemen and just imagine the number of students walking on the street. You cannot stop them with your word of mouth or a baton. And the general public in Goroka were also taking sides. They joined the students and they started throwing stones and other missiles at the policemen”.

Provincial Police Commander, Jim Kale, said that police would not allow the students to protest outside the University because they did not have a “genuine reason”.


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