Indiana man, Steve Sells, pleads guilty to child neglect of mentally disabled starved teen

Sixty eight year old, Steve Sells, a central Indiana man, has plead guilty to child neglect charges after his fifteen year old granddaughter was found weighing just thirty five pounds.

The teen was found near death in 2014. She was kept locked away in an upstairs room and  lived in extremely filthy and dire conditions. Police reported blood on the floor and “feces on everything in the room”.

Police said that Sells and his wife hid the horrific conditions inside their home. After other family members took the girl to the hospital, authorities discovered she had been living in a locked room with nothing more than a filthy mattress, a bucket and a bowl of oatmeal.

Investigators reported that the girl suffered from mental disabilities.

Defense attorney Anthony Lawrence told a Madison County judge that his client did not want to face trial and that the evidence against him was overwhelming.

According to reports, Sells pleaded guilty to 12 felony neglect-related charges and five felony counts of welfare fraud, theft and perjury.

Sentencing for Sells is scheduled for October 5.


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