Pakistani journalists and media workers targeted in shootings, three attacks in twenty four hours

Aftab Alam, a Pakistani TV Journalist in Karachi, was gunned down by two unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle while leaving his home on Wednesday.

Police reported that he was struck by three bullets, two in the head and one in the neck.

This attack comes less than a day after a similar targeted attack a news van in Karachi killing a TV technician and injuring the driver.

Authorities say that it is unclear who was behind the shootings or if they were linked.

On Tuesday, gunmen shot at Abdul Azam Shinwari, a fifty two year old newspaper journalist based in Peshawar. Shinwari was shot four times in the lower part of his body and was immediately taken to hospital. According to police he is expected to recover.

The Secretary general of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Amin Yusuf, said, ” journalists are being targeted ruthlessly,” adding, “It’s time authorities do something instead of just giving lip-service to the issue.”


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