Boy with Autism kept in a cage at a Canberra school in Australia

Photos of a cage used to restrain a boy with autism at a Canberra school have become public, against the wishes of the ACT Education Minister.

A ten year old boy with Autism was kept in the six foot tall by six feet wide blue cage at least one time while at school. The Canberra school’s principal, who has since been fired, had it built to help the boy calm down.

The principal at the Canberra school believed that the boy was a danger to staff members and the cage that stood for an estimated seventeen days would serve to protect the school’s faculty as well as the child.

An investigation conducted by the Australian education board reported that only one employee made the boy use it.

After being discovered by a member of the school board or ACT, the cage was removed from the school.

Over $5000 in education funding was used to build the cage that was fitted with a roof and self-closing latch.


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