An upstate New York man wanted to send a rainbow bench “back to hell”

An upstate New York man who saw a rainbow bench sitting outside a church decided he needed to send it “back to hell”.


Forty seven year old, Francis Dominic Solis, was caught on surveillance video burning the bench, which was placed outside the First Presbyterian Church in Ogdensburg.


The First Presbyterian Church said the bench was placed there to symbolize acceptance and welcome the LGBT community.


Solis turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday. Authorities say that he is being charged with a hate crime.


Solis told Fox 28 news that, “The reaction I had to it practically knocked me off my bike. It brought back every single memory from the time I had been molested from the time I was 8 years old, on into the time I was 14 years old”.


Solis is said to have plotted the attack to the bench days before  carrying it out, telling police he “slowly assembled my kit” which included Gatorade bottles filled with gasoline.


Attorneys for Solis say that he is mentally ill.


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