US Police take an African American woman to a mental health hospital because they did not believe she owned a BMW

A thirty two year old banker from Long Island is suing the New York police department for placing her in a into a mental hospital, simply because police did not believe she owned her own BMW.


Kamilah Brock was pulled over by police in Harlem for allegedly having her hands off the wheel of the vehicle while driving. She was arrested but later released without any charges.


Brock said that police told her to come back for her 2003 BMW 325Cl the following day but when she arrived to get the car, police handcuffed her and paramedics placed her in an ambulance and took her to a mental health facility.


Lawyers for Brock said that she has no history of mental illness but New York police believed she was delusional and did not own a BMW.


The lawsuit claims that hospital personnel repeatedly tried to get Brock to deny that she owned a BMW or that she was a banker.  Brock was held at the Harlem hospital psychiatric ward for eight days and she was given lithium, stripped naked and forced to receive injections of powerful sedatives.


Brock later received a bill from the hospital totaling $13,000.


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