Five Pi Delta Psi members at Baruch College face homicide charges in hazing death of pledge

Five Pi Delta Psi members at Baruch College in New York City have been charged with homicide after a student died during a hazing ritual on a fraternity trip to Poconos, Pennsylvania.

The students were charged with third degree murder on Monday and thirty two other students face criminal charges of assault as well as the conspiracy and hindering apprehension charges, hazing and conspiracy charges.

Nineteen year old, Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng, died in December 2013 after he participated in the hazing ritual where he was blindfolded, forced to carry a backpack filled with thirty pounds of sand and knocked over repeatedly while trying to walk.

Image Credit: NBC News

Image Credit: NBC News

The Pocono Mountain Regional Police said that Deng was was tackled and thrown repeatedly to the ground in a move the fraternity called, “spearing”. Deng told the Pi Delta Psi members that his head was hurting but they continued “spearing” him until he was left unconscious. The fraternity members delayed in seeking medical attention for Deng.

Police said the the three members from the fraternity brought Deng to the hospital telling authorities that they were wresting in the snow when he fell and hit his head. Pi Delta Psi members said they brought him inside and laid him by a warm fire but he never woke up.

It was not until interviews conducted later that authorities discovered that Deng was actually injured during a fraternity ritual.


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