German police shot and killed an al-Qaeda linked terrorist wielding a knife in Berlin

German police shot and killed a known al-Qaeda linked terrorist in Berlin who attacked a female officer with a knife and threatened people passing by in the streets.


Police reported that they were called to Spandau, in western Berlin, amid reports that a man was waving a knife in the street. The man brutally attacked the female officer before police open fired and killed him.


Forty one year old, Rafik Mohamad Yousef, was convicted seven years ago for terrorist activities connected to the al-Qaeda organization.


The the Iraqi national along with two others were arrested in December 2004 for a suspected plot by the group Ansar al-Islam to assassinate the former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi once he arrived in Berlin.


German officials wanted to deport Yousef in 2013 back to Iraq. They were not able to do so because he could have faced the death penalty in his home country for his involvement in the attempted attack.


The interior minister for the state of Berlin, Frank Henkel, said that the reason for this knife attack remains unclear but that he does not believe this was a planned act, adding that, “a religious motif cannot be excluded,” because of Yousef’s background.


The wounded female officer is reported to be in stable condition but remains in intensive care.


Image credit: AP


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