Laszlo Toroczkai tells refugees that “Hungary is a bad choice” but “Asotthalom is the worst”

The mayor of one small town in Hungary has issued a warning to refugees fleeing war torn countries in a slickly edited video which was released on Youtube and Facebook.

Laszlo Toroczkai, the mayor of Asotthalom, released a video titled a, “Message to illegal immigrants from Hungary” where he reminds refugees crossing the border illegally could result in prison time even using Google Maps to advise refugees of the “shortest journey” to Germany which he emphasizes is no longer through Hungary.

Toroczkai’s two-minute action simulated video production tells refugees not only will they face police in his town but enforces the use of militants who he shows riding horseback on dirt roads in slow motion throughout the video.

Toroczkai then tells refugees at the end of his production, “Hungary is a bad choice,” adding that “Asotthalom is the worst.”

Footage uploaded by: HVIM1920


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