Saudi Arabian diplomat leaves India citing diplomatic immunity after the alleged rape and torture of two maids

Activists in India expressed outrage after a Saudi Arabian diplomat accused of repeatedly raping and torturing two Nepali maids in his home, cited diplomatic immunity in order to flee the country.


Activists are calling on the United Nations to pressure Saudi Arabian authorities to pursue the matter.


Majed Hassan Ashoor, the first secretary at the Saudi embassy, left India on Wednesday using the laws of the the Vienna Convention which grants diplomats immunity from arrest, criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits when they are posted overseas.


Police in India last week rescued the two women from Ashoor’s apartment after a local NGO and the Nepal embassy notified police.


The women reported to police that they were gang raped, assaulted, tortured and starved while held captive for over three months.


Authorities said that the women were apparently lured away from Nepal with promises of fake jobs. They worked in Jeddah for about a month and then returned to the apartment in Gurgaon, India where they continued to work as maids.


Police said a medical exam confirmed the women had been raped and sodomized.


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