Polish anti hate speech video turns teenage girl into Hitler

A video uploaded onto YouTube by the Stefan Batory Foundation highlights the dangers of hate speech in Poland showing a young woman with anti-gay views turn into Adolf Hitler.

The pro-democracy group said that the video was prompted by an “alarming” report that shows the extreme use of hate speech among Poland’s youth.

The video shows the teenage girl having a casual conversation with her friends when two men walk near the group. The girl begins calling the men Wusses becoming increasingly charged and yelling “I see faggots everywhere! I want to puke when I look at them!”.

The girl begins to change from the blonde teenager into Hitler. A male voice is then heard asking the question, You want to look like that? and the girl/Hitler yells “scheisse,” or shit in English.

The campaign which is reported to have several “Stop Hate Speech” videos specifically targets young people between fifteen and eighteen years of age.

Footage uploaded by: FundacjaBatorego


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