New Zealand teacher held a disabled boy down and spit in his face

After a New Zealand teacher held a disabled five year old boy down on the ground and spit in his face she will be allowed to return to work as long as she completes anger management training.


Marion Johnson who worked for Mt Richmond Special School in Auckland was censored by a teachers’ disciplinary tribunal over the playground incident that happened in July of last year.


The school’s deputy principal told the tribunal that at lunchtime she could hear loud noises coming from the playground that she thought may have been a fight between students.She said when she investigated the situation she saw the boy and teacher on a trampoline.


The principal said that Johnson grabbed the boy by his legs and pulled down towards her. She proceeded to hold his face with both hands and spit in his face. Johnson could then be heard saying, “ that’ll teach you to spit. Don’t  you spit at me. Don’t you ever spit at me again”.


After Johnson thought that she may have been seen harming the boy she changed her demeanor and offered the boy a sticker.


Johnson was cited with serious misconduct and only allowed to return back to work after she completed training.


The child who has Down’s syndrome was reported to have faced serious adverse effects because of her actions in which the disciplinary tribunal labeled as violent.


Johnson has been placed on an eighteen month leave providing she completes her training.


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