Uzbekistan bans children from mosques

On September 23, Uzbekistan’s Education Ministry issued an order warning parents that they will face fines if their children are caught by the authorities inside a mosque during prayer services.

The government of Uzbekistan banned people under eighteen years of age from attending regular Friday prayers or special prayer services at mosques across the country, further warning imams at mosques not to allow any children into prayer services.

The order said that parents who refuse to keep their children away from mosques would be subject to paying a fine of about $750.00 usd.

Authorities have said that they believe children’s brains should not be distracted by religion and that children should not be subjected to such teachings until they complete high school.


One thought on “Uzbekistan bans children from mosques

  1. That is so wrong! Children should be educated about the world, including religion. They should NOT be obliged to adhere to a certain religion, but they should be made aware of their options. Education is only brainwashing if the educated is only educated about one side of things.


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