Possible US airstrikes hit a Doctors Without Borders facility in Afghanistan killing at least nine aid workers

At least nine people have been killed and thirty seven others injured in the Afghan city of Kunduz who work for the medical aid group, Doctors Without Borders.


The United States military is investigating the possibility that they may have struck the building during airstrikes meant to hit Taliban targets.


A spokesman for the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health, said on social media, the hospital was “largely destroyed by fire” following an airstrike by US forces.


According to the foreign minister, they believe that ten to fifteen Taliban militants were hiding inside of the building at the time of the airstrikes.


Doctors Without Borders reported that several people are still unaccounted for including patients who were being treated at the facility and their family members.


In just this week alone the Doctors Without Borders facility had treated over four hundred people who have been injured due to ongoing violence.


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