Ohio woman runs over husband while their children watch

A forty two year old second grade Ohio teacher ran over her husband and killed him while their two children were in the backseat of the car watching.

Police said that forty two year old Daniel Luke was killed on Sunday night during a domestic dispute that carried over into the driveway of the couple’s home.

The couple’s two daughters ages eight and twelve years were seated in the back of a family vehicle when Angela Luke started the car to leave and Daniel was holding onto the outside of car.

Angela told law enforcement that she ran over him while attempting to leave.

The twelve year child told police before her father was killed that Daniel was trying to hurt her mother. She told 911 dispatchers that her father was pinning Angela to the ground and making marks on her.

Daniel was said by witnesses to have been heavily drinking that night.

Angela is facing charges that include aggravated vehicular homicide and reckless homicide, to which she plead pleaded not guilty on Tuesday.  She faces a maximum of three years in prison for each felony she stands accused of.


Late on Wednesday, The prosecutor’s office filed a request that the charges be dropped against Angela so more investigating can be done. The request comes with the understanding that charges can be filed again if a grand jury decides to indict her.


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