Police in Washington aggressively restrain an African American college student and his friends

African American eighteen year old college freshman Jason Goolsby was detained by police on Monday shown in cell phone footage that went viral on Twitter.

Footage shows officers on the ground on top of Goolsby’s back, twisting the young man’s arms backwards and shoving his face into the ground.

Footage uploaded by: PINAC News

Goolsby and two friends were hanging around outside a Citibank deciding whether they wanted to withdraw money from an ATM when Washington police officers aggressively approached the group.

Goolsby is said to have refused to stop for police and later resisted officers.

A friend’s voice, a high school senior, in the video can be heard telling officers repeatedly that Goolsby had done nothing wrong. The group reported that a scuffle broke out with the high schooler and officers which ended the video.

Police said that they were responding to reports of a robbery but later said no criminal activity had taken place.

Authorities said that the actions of the officers would be investigated to “ensure that policies and procedures were followed”.

Goolsby told Washington Post reporters on Tuesday that he is angry with police and the woman who called 911 suspecting them of robbing the ATM at the bank, just saw him and his friends as a threat simply because they are black.

The woman who called 911 never mentioned the young men were at the ATM sho told the dispatcher that they, “are waiting at the door to let people in, but aren’t doing anything inside of the bank”.


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