Bulgarian police shoot and kill an Afghan asylum seeker

A group of refugees from Afghanistan when confronted on Thursday by Bulgarian police near the town of Sredets.


Police opened fired toward the asylum seekers in what they described as “warning shots,” killing one man.


On Friday, Bulgarian officials said that an Afghan asylum seeker was fatally wounded by Bulgarian border police when a warning shot ricocheted.


Boris Cheshirkov, a spokesman for the United Nations refugee agency said, “We deplore the death of an Afghan asylum seeker, trying to reach safety across the border. We call on the Bulgarian authorities to conduct an immediate, transparent and independent investigation. Seeking asylum is an universal human right and not a crime”.


According to the UNHCR, this is the first time an asylum seeker had been shot dead while trying to cross into Europe.


One thought on “Bulgarian police shoot and kill an Afghan asylum seeker

  1. It’s impossible to convey the depths of sadness I feel. My husband was a Bulgarian refugee seeking asylum in 1985, having crossed the border into what was then Yugoslavia. The UNHCR granted him that asylum and his life was changed forever. How is it that Bulgaria is treating refugees seeking asylum within its borders, even temporarily, as criminals needing to be warned off with bullets?


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