Eleven year old US girl found dead locked in a freezer

Authorities in Florida said that an eleven year old girl that has been unseen for over a year has likely been found dead locked in a freezer.


Police said that the gruesome discovery comes just days after a the mother of Janiya Thomas was charged with contempt of court for refusing to disclose the child’s whereabouts.


On Wednesday, the mother,  Keisha Thomas brought a new four-by-five freezer into their home which is said to have been locked. An aunt and grandmother reportedly broke open the freezer after hearing that Janiya was missing.


Janiya’s relatives said that they saw a body in the freezer and called 911.


Florida state child protective services have been investigating the family since September after one of the children called to report child abuse. Investigators said that Janiya was never among the children after a judge ordered all of the children to be removed from the Thomas home.


Keisha is being held at the Manatee County jail.


Police said that they are waiting for the identity of the body found in the freezer.


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