Eritrean man beaten by a mob of angry people, shot and killed at an Israeli bus station

Israeli hospital officials said that an Eritrean man shot by an Israeli security guard and then attacked by an angry mob of bystanders who mistook him for an additional assailant in a horrific bus station attack, has died from his injuries.

Police said that a twenty one year old Arab Israeli carried out an attack at the main bus station in Beersheba that killed an Israeli soldier and wounded eleven others.

Authorities said that police shot two people at the station killing the attacker, twenty one year old, Muhand Alukabi  and mistakenly shooting a man of Eritrean origin.

Police said that the attacker opened fired on crowds at the bus terminal and that the soldier later died at the hospital.

Video surveillance footage showed the Eritrean man being kicked by several people while he lye in a pool of his own blood.

As of Sunday, forty four Palestinians and eight Israelis have been killed due to violence since the beginning of the month.


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