Nine week old baby found buried in a shallow grave

A Florida mother has been charged with murder after her missing nine week old son was found buried in a shallow grave.


Thirty two year old Kristen Bury was charged with first degree murder and was extradited on Friday from South Carolina to Florida after authorities said they found the baby buried in a wooded area near the North Port, Florida.


The baby’s father, thirty six year old Joseph Walsh will also be charged with first degree murder.


The couple reportedly told police that the baby died on September 16 at their home. Relatives reported that the couple told them the child had died in a car crash and they left him with a lady at a hotel Georgia.


Police reported that the parents never showed any concern about finding their missing child when they were originally taken into custody earlier in the month on charges of child neglect.


Authorities said that investigators who searched the home uncovered bloodstains and evidence of blood splatter on the walls. According to the arrest report cadaver dogs also indicated the presence of possible human remains.


The baby’s cause of death has not yet been released.


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