Indiana University student attacks Muslim woman in front of her daughter

A nineteen year old Indiana University student on Saturday viciously assaulted a forty seven year old Muslim woman in front of her nine year old daughter while hurling racially charged hate speech at her, including “white power” and “kill them all”.

Triceten D. Bickford grabbed the woman by her neck forcing her head onto the table causing her not to be able to breathe. He then removed her hijab or headscarf.

The woman’s husband with the help of bystanders were able to pull Bickford off of her and subdue him on the sidewalk until police arrived.

Police reported that Bickford spit in the in the faces of those restraining him and threatened to kill both them and the officers who arrived at the scene. After being transported to the Monroe County Jail, Bickford bit one officer on his leg.

Bickford claims that he had been drinking alcohol and had not taken his anti-anxiety medication prior to the incident.

Bickford told WTHR-TV in Indianapolis that he had no memory of the incident and that drinking alcohol and not taking anti-anxiety medication caused him to snap adding that he is , “so sorry to that woman”.

Bickford faces charges including intimidation, strangulation and battery. He was released on $500 bond and scheduled to return to court on Friday.


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