New Jersey man viciously assaults a homeless woman in Atlantic City’s Browns Park

A New Jersey man was arrested in Monday after he posted a video to his Facebook account showing a homeless woman being knocked unconscious in Atlantic City’s Browns Park.

Twenty five year old, Ibn Hunter can be seen in video footage posted on Saturday yelling at a woman who was sitting down at the park. Hunter said, “I ain’t gonna do what? I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?” A voice from the background replied, “she said you ain’t gonna smack her dog”.

Hunter then smacks the forty five year old homeless woman who falls backwards.

The person filming the horrific incident could be heard yelling “BING,” as the woman is being hit and “it’s over” as the woman falls to the ground.

The woman, who was taken to a local hospital, suffered a serious head injury.

Hunter could be heard in the video footage threatening other people in the park if any of them talk “stupid shit” he would smack them and knock them out too.

Police reported that Hunter, who was arrested on Monday, is facing charges that include aggravated assault.


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