South Carolina woman bites off teenage attacker’s tongue during a sex assault

The victim of an attempted sexual assault escaped her attacker after she bit off his tongue on Friday in South Carolina.


A mother later called North Charleston police and reported that her teenage son’s tongue was missing.


The thirty three year old victim told police that  a man holding a knife came to her to front door of her North Charleston home at 6:30am.The man then forced his way into her home, tackled the woman, punched her and took her into a bedroom. The woman kicked the suspect in the groin, at which time, the attacker told the woman, “Now you have to die”.


When the attacker forced his tongue into the woman’s mouth she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap”.


The woman was able to get away and call police.


Police said that the attacker was located thanks to his mother and taken to Trident Hospital. Authorities said that the teen now faces a number of charges.


The attacker’s tongue was found at the scene of the crime, along with a knife.


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