Two brothers killed in Ajalpan, Puebla, Mexico

In the ninth lynching this year in the Puebla state, two brothers in Mexico working as pollsters were killed when a mob attacked and burned them while others took pictures.


Crowds of people in Ajalpan accused the brothers on Monday of attempting to steal children but even after them men identified themselves and showed proof of their job an angry mob attacked and killed them.


Prior to their horrific murder police intervened to investigate the allegations that the men were attempting to kidnap children.The angry mob entered the police station and killed the brothers.


Ajalpan Mayor Gustavo Lara told Milenio televisión, “We protected them until we couldn’t anymore. People revolted,” adding that the town’s authorities called for help but state police took five hours to arrive.


Police said that they were able to identify at least twenty five people who participated in the brutal killing through videos and pictures taken by onlookers.


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