Wife of Danish man accused of mutilating women in South Africa shot dead

Anna Matseliso Molise, the wife of a Danish man accused of mutilating women and storing genitalia inside of his freezer in South Africa, has been shot dead in Lesotho.

Molise was to testify against her husband, Peter Frederiksen, at his trial in November.

Police said that Molise was shot four times outside of her Maseru home on Tuesday and later died at a local hospital.

Authorities said that while they offered Molise witness protection, she denied their services.

Frederiksen, the owner of two gun shops in South Africa, faces charges including sexual assault, intimidation, domestic violence and contravention of the Medicines Control Act. He remains in jail awaiting his court appearance.

Sixty three year old, Frederiksen was arrested in September after police discovered twenty one pieces of genitalia in plastic bags in his freezer along with surgical tools and anesthetics inside of his home.

Authorities also reported that a collection of child pornography images was also confiscated from the home.

Molise was said to be a key witness against in the case against Frederiksen.


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