Four woman bound, beaten, tortured and burned accused of witchcraft in Papua New Guinea

A video believed to have been shot in August and shared on Youtube showed four women in Papua New Guinea being brutally tortured by men with machetes after being accused of witchcraft.


Stripped naked and pleading for their lives the women were bound, beaten and burned with a heated wire.


According to several reports one woman was killed during the horrific incident.


Local activists said that the barbaric attacks occurred after a young person became ill in a nearby village adding that these women have no way of proving their innocence because villagers believe that they cause sickness while remaining invisible.


Papua New Guinea remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman. While the government criminalized domestic violence in 2013 and overturned legislation that jailed of anyone found practicing “black” magic, few perpetrators of violence against women are ever brought to justice.


The majority of individuals accused of sorcery in the small nation are almost always women who are often attacked by angry mobs whose attackers generally go unpunished.


Activist said that in many cases even if police witness a horrific incident such as this, they generally turn a blind eye to the violence.


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