One child killed and over eighty people injured in bomb blasts in Bangladesh

One child was killed and over eighty people injured on Saturday in a bomb attack outside the main Shiite site in the old Mughal quarter of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Police said this is the first time the small Shiite Muslim Bangladeshi community has been targeted in an attack.


Authorities said that there was an estimated 20,000 people in and outside the building at that time of the attack. Police recovered two explosive devices that did not detonate that were described as a grenade type device fitted with batteries.


The chief of police, Aziz Ahmed reported that a twelve year old boy died and over fifty people were brought to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


According to the SITE Intelligence Group, The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack issuing an online statement that said,  “soldiers of the Caliphate in Bangladesh” were able to detonate explosives in a temple of “polytheists in the city of Dhaka, during the holding of their polytheist rituals”.


This is the third violent incident in Bangladesh that the group has claimed responsibility for.


The Bangladeshi government has adamantly denied the presence of the Islamic State in the region and accused western media of fueling “fear” by suggesting that these attacks are related to the terrorist organization.


Several government officials still maintain their belief even after this targeted attack that there is no existence of the Islamic State group in Bangladesh.


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