African American high school student violently grabbed and thrown by a South Carolina police officer

A video of a South Carolina high school resource officer flipping and slamming a female African American student to the ground inside of a classroom in what is being described as an “arrest” has drawn national outrage.

The fifteen second video which took place at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia on Monday shows Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s Ben Fields, the officer assigned to the school, aggressively approaching the girl who is seen seated at her desk.

While the girl is still seated, Fields throws her desk to the floor dragging her across the classroom before handcuffing her.

The girl is not seen resisting the officer but when other students voice distaste for the officers actions Feilds can be heard saying, “Hey, I’ll put you in jail next”.

Footage uploaded by: World Viral News

Curtis Wilson, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department, told reporters that Feilds has been placed on administrative duties while an investigation is completed.

The girl was arrested for “disturbing school” but later was released to her family.


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