Mexican TV presenter, Tania Reza, sexually harassed on live Television

Mexican TV presenter, Tania Reza  was sexually harassed on live Television, forced to claim it was a joke and then fired.


Footage from the television show A Toda Maquina uploaded to YouTube shows co-host Enrique Tovar attempt to lift Reza’s skirt, and then later touch her breast.


Reza stormed off of the live television set shouting, “I can’t work like this”.


Tovar then told the live studio audience that Reza was “hormonal”.


Footage uploaded by Sochea Chhom


Reza said that she was pressured to chalk her deplorable treatment on live television up to a joke.

Both Reza and Tovar were later fired by the television network Televisa. Televisa claims to not know anything about Reza being coerced to say the incident, which has since gone viral, was a joke or stunt.

Local politicians are seeking an investigation into the treatment of Reza.

Televisa later said both Reza and Tovar could have their jobs back along with sexual harassment training.


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