Georgia mother bound toddler with packing tape and locked him inside of a car

An eighteen year old Georgia mother is accused of taping up her toddler with packing tape, and leaving him in a car for hours.


Police said that Grace An bond the child with cellophane packing tape,covering his mouth and face and binding his hands and feet. She then left the sixteen month old child inside the vehicle locking the doors.


Authorities said that the An drove the vehicle to a dark dead end street leaving the taped up child on the floorboard of the vehicle. An then left the car for several hours before going into a neighborhood asking to use a telephone.


Residents reported that An appeared suspicious and that she was asking to call a locksmith.


One resident called both a locksmith and 911.


An faces charges including First Degree Child Cruelty, Reckless Conduct, and False Imprisonment.


The toddler has been moved to the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services.


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