Woman in Alaska held captive for five weeks, bound, beaten and repeatedly raped

A woman in Alaska was held captive for five weeks in a remote cabin and raped up to six times a day by her abductor.


Thirty seven year old, Daniel Lloyd Selovich, who calls himself “Pirate” is accused of beating, assaulting and rapping the woman.


Selovich, who has a long history of arrests in several states, met the woman in late September taking her to a cabin outside of Manley Hot Springs. On November 8 a military helicopter was sent out to the cabin to get the woman after a Facebook post read by a friend indicated a medical concern.


It is unclear at this time how the woman was able to make the Facebook post calling out for help.


Authorities said that Selovich is accused of raping the woman two to six times a day while threatening to cut off her face with a knife.


Police said Selovich beat the woman with with belts, a flashlight and his fists. He also bit and kicked her.


Authorities said that Selovich duct taped the woman at night to prevent her from running away. Police said that Selovich also kept the woman bound to a wooden beam by her hands so that she could not move.


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