Nebraska parents face charges of child abuse after police find an eight year old boy malnourished and bruised

On Tuesday, Omaha police were called to Florence Elementary School after school officials reported a possible case of child neglect.


Police reported seeing an eight year old boy malnourished and bruised.


Authorities took thirty seven year old, Stephen Bauer, and his wife, thirty two year old, Megan Finlan into custody on Thursday and charging both of them with two counts of child abuse causing serious bodily injury.


Police said that the child suffers from mental health issues, weighs thirty two pounds and has teeth that are disintegrating.


Prosecutors told reporters that the boy was locked in his room for days at a time and that food was withheld from him by his parents. The child was forced to urinate and defecate inside of the locked room and would be seen eating out of garbage cans at school.


Bauer told officers that the bruising was self inflicted and that the child’s behavioral issues were very difficult.


A hearing has been set for the parents on November 30. Both Bauer and Finlan are being held on a $150,000 bond.


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