The Islamic State group takes responsibility for the horrific Paris attacks

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris that killed over a one hundred and twenty seven people calling it “precisely targeted”.


The group released a statement that read, “Eight brothers carrying explosive belts and guns targeted areas in the heart of the French capital that were specifically chosen in advance: the Stade de France during a match against Germany which that imbecile François Hollande was attending; the Bataclan where hundreds of idolaters were together in a party of perversity as well as other targets in the tenth, eleventh and eighteenth arrondissement”.


“France and those who follow its path must know that they remain the principal targets of the Islamic State,” the group said. The group warns that this is  “just the start of a storm”.


There was no attack committed in the eighteenth district but French officials said that one suicide bomber at the Stade de France was found with a Syrian passport and another attacker with an Egyptian passport. Investigators are working to determine the authenticity of those passports.


Authorities also said on Saturday that one attacker has been identified by fingerprints as a French national and that he was “known” by police.


According to French authorities, they said that they have killed seven of the suspected eight attackers but the are looking for a vehicle and anyone else possibly connected to the brutal incidents.


President François Hollande has declared three days of national mourning adding that France will be “ruthless in its response” to the “act of war” committed by a terrorist army.


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